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meet the expert
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Meet Swotch, the ultimate expert Tenerife nature guide for a day trip adjusted to your own style.
Give me a general idea on what you would like to see and do the most, and I create the tour you have always dreamed of.
Please be curious, please be demanding. Let us have a drive together, let us walk together, let us read this island like a picture book.

About me

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There is virtually no road on Tenerife I haven't driven, no trail I haven't walked on, a thousand times. I arrived to Tenerife after my university studies in environmental science in Gießen, Germany, back in 1998. Ever since, the only job I have been doing, are excursions. I started with mountain bikes, switched to hiking tours, and then went over to coach sightseeing. To fulfill Spanish government standards, I passed the exam to be “Official Tourguide, Canary Islands“. I also passed the professional coach driver exam, so that I can be the coach driver on most of my excursions.


Nature is Tenerife's strongest side. Fortunately mine, too.


You have a simple question, like, how bananas are grown? Let's go to a banana farm and find it out. You feel like chatting about paleoendemism of dicotyledons? Let me show you the best examples.


Let's see a volcano, simply admire its grandeur, but, maybe you are as well interested in geomorphology? Great idea.


Everyone is talking about global warming, but did you ever wonder about adiabatic cooling? You won't ever hear this word from me, unless you want an intriguing discussion on the issue.

Science can be fun, but a nice excursion is as well just a nice time with some nice people, pretty towns, amazing views, delicious local food.

All this sounds pretty straightforward and easy, but trust me, it is not that simple. Excursions need knowledge and routine. Before starting, there is careful planning, then, once on the move, there is skilled improvisation. I have now a little more than 20 years job experience to get that skill.

My ideal day trip

My ideal day trip is starts early. First, we drive on a country road,to get away from the city. Having a first coffee break at some breathtaking viewpoint is kind of, mandatory. Instead of just stopping for a photo, I love to walk a mile or two on an easy trail, or village street. Sure we will drive a few bends further, and maybe walk another beautiful mile, as far, as our batteries will comfortably last. We should have a wonderful dinner and a glass of home grown wine in a village restaurant so remote you never heard of. Some time, when the sun goes down, we shall arrive back to your place.


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